Paris for Gourmands

June 27 - 30 2019

“Come with my friend Flore Vallery-Radot @the.flo.show and I, as we wander around the streets of Paris on a quest for fantastic French food. The adventure includes a cooking class in Paris’ most prestigious address, utensil shopping, cookbook hunting, meals at our favourite restaurants, market strolls, and ingredient chasing. There will be a fun photography and styling session (no need to be a photographer) with a French artist. We’ll learn how to make a great “ingredient portrait” with a French flair.”

What is it?  A food lover tour of Paris
Where? In the city of light
When? June 27 - 30th 2019 - THREE DAYS
How much? 1850€
Availability: 12 spots


  • This excursion will be over three days

  • Self accommodation

  • One cooking class in a prestigious place

  • We’ve put our favourite restaurants on the list

  • You’ll be guided all along the way by Flo and Vanessa

  • We’ll visit a market, culinary shops, a cookbook shop, and ingredient heavens

The Place

From a typical open-air farmers market to the kitchen of one of Paris’ most iconic luxury hotels; together we will explore the city of light from the perspective of our stomachs.

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Flore-Vallery-Radot_1380045_for Paris For Gourmands excursion.jpg
Flore-Vallery-Radot_3385_for Paris For Gourmands excursion.jpg


Anyone who loves travelling and is interested in cooking and eating: bloggers, stylists, photographers, or aspiring to be; creatives of all types; people who want to spend a few days amongst like-minded folks the enchanting French capital. A perfect introduction to this magnificent city for first-time visitors as they get their bearings, or a chance to delve a little deeper (beyond E Dehillerin!) for those returning.

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Let yourself be guided

Imagine walking in Paris guided by a local, passionate about cooking and eating, who knows the place like the bottom of her pocket (as they say in France), and an Australian cooking teacher who has been to Paris many times to indulge in her favourite pastimes: cooking, eating and buying kilos of cookbooks.


Weather permitting, we will visit a delightful organic market and its stalls laden with hundreds of different sorts of cheese, ripe and flavoursome fruits & veggies, metres of buttery brioche and much more. We’ll shop for a special lunch and take part in a food styling and photography workshop.

We will go behind the scenes into the kitchen of one of Paris’ most magnificent hotels where we will spend the afternoon cooking what France bakes best.

There will be a walking tour of the ultimate French cookware street with shop after shop of everything from professional-quality kitchenware to the biggest cookbook collection for sale.

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Trip Itinerary

START – Thursday 27 June 2019

18:00 – First meeting for apéritif in a fun hotel.

DAY 1 – Friday 28 June 2019

9:00 – Meet for coffee and a pastry at one of Paris’ favourite bakeries Du Pain et des Idées.

9:30 – Walk to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette (10 mins) – with free time to explore the gourmet emporiums of these two magnificent Parisian department stores. Flore and Vanessa will not be far way and ready to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on how to use the wonderful ingredients you will come across.

12:00 – Lunch with a breathtaking view.

13:30 – Walk (10 mins) to The Ritz Hotel for a Pâtisserie lesson at the prestigious Escoffier Cooking School.

19:00 – Meet for dinner at a typical Parisian néo-bistrot.

 DAY 2 – Saturday 29 June 2019

9:00 – Meet for breakfast at Paris’ oldest Patisserie, Stohrer.

9:30 – A walking tour of rue Montmartre; for an opportunity to collect beautiful French cooking utensils and cookbooks on every imaginable cuisine.

12:00 – Lunch at Comptoir de la Gastronomie for a plunge into what French regional cuisine has to offer. Try their exceptional foie gras ravioli which Flore recommends to all her good friends (vegetarian options available).

13:30 – Tour one of the biggest and most famous Cookbook stores in France. Presentation of the trends, the latest European food magazines. Flore and I, owners of more than 600 cookbooks together, will talk about our favourites, the latest and the ‘oldies but goodies’. We’ll show you the incredible hidden treasures this place has to offer (think Antique Roman cookbooks…)

14:30 – More culinary discoveries in Paris old market “quartier”.

16:00 – Free time to rest your feet and dress for dinner.

19:00 – Dinner with true Paris atmosphere.

DAY 3 – Sunday 30 June 2019

9:00 – Meet at a typical Parisian open-air organic market where we will shop for lunch and a food styling / photography workshop.

12:00 – Food styling and photography workshop with one of France’s most talented Food photographers.

19:00 – Farewell dinner – Discover where the Parisian really go out for a meal and an after-drink.
Optional: we’ll wander around the busy streets of upper Paris.

 Vanessa Miles, cookery teacher and cookbook collector

Vanessa Miles, cookery teacher and cookbook collector

 Flore Vallery-Radot, photographer, filmmaker and cookbook collector

Flore Vallery-Radot, photographer, filmmaker and cookbook collector

Flore Vallery-Radot was born in Paris where she lived for many years before and after travelling the world.

Her passions in life are: image creating, through photography and film making, and fooooooood!!! She’s been cooking and creating recipes for many many years. She collects cookbooks which pile dangerously all over her house.

Paris is Flore’s home town and because she lives most 9 months a year in Sydney, she misses it enough to go every year and indulge in her own food tour.

Flore, an amazing photographer and filmmaker will be your guide, and will happily give you a hand on the photography side also.

Getting to know her:

@florevalleryradot | @the.flo.show

Well, if you’ve ended up here, you probably know a little bit about me. I’m a passionate cook and cookery teacher, obsessed with finding the best possible ingredients, the perfect plate to serve on, and am always thinking about my next meal.

I organise cooking workshops all around the world and create triple-checked recipes here on my blog.

Many trips to Paris have led me to fall in love with its atmosphere and its very unique food scene. I’ll be your guide throughout the 3 days.

I’m also a passionate food photographer, and will be glad to answer your questions on that front as well.

Getting to know me:

@thehungrychook |  thehungrychook.com

Hear more about the excursion in the months leading to it by following us both on Instagram. Keep an eye on Flore’s wonderful stories too! @the.flo.show
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1850 Euros for 3 days; including welcome drinks, cooking class, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.
(Accommodation and breakfast are not included) Contact Flore for accommodation recommendations.

The method of payment is:
1 deposit of 500 AUD (Australian Dollars), and the rest to be paid by BANK TRANSFER in Euros on April 1st 2019.
For the bank details contact Flore.

To pay in more than these 2 instalments, please contact Flore.

Important notes to prepare for your trip

  • Accommodation is not included.

  • Transport from where you are staying to the meeting place and back after dinner is not included.

  • We will either be walking or taking the metro between activities, and this will be included. There will be a fair bit of walking, as is always the case in Paris.

  • If you have any allergies (food or other) please let Flore know just after booking. We will do our best to accommodate dietary requirements and this will mean a careful preparation, so we need to know as early as possible.

  • June in Paris can be very summery or very cold. The average temperatures are around 22°C maximum and 12°C minimum. It can be sunny or wet. Mid-season clothes with one or two jumpers and a warm vest/coat will be perfect. Walking shoes are indispensable.

  • There are only 12 spots available.

Secure your spot now

Paris for Gourmands 2019 Non-Refundable Deposit 500.00 AUD


The program can be subject to variations depending mainly on the weather. But don’t worry, there will always be a great plan B as exciting as plan A.
In the event that an activity or a restaurant is not available, we will offer an alternative of equal standard and quality.


Due to the involved logistics, no cancellations or refunds will be possible unless you find someone to replace you. Please make sure you can make it before booking. We also strongly encourage you to have travel insurance to cover the retreat in the event of strikes, natural disasters, health problems, and other unforeseen events.

Image of Flore Vallery-Radot by Lean Timms - All other images by Flore Vallery-Radot

latteria studio, Trastevere, Rome


Dumplings & Co. returns to Latteria Studio - Thursday July 4 2019

SNAP: simple photography, styling and storytelling for Social Media with Alice Adams - Saturday July 6 2019

Torte & Tarte: a pastry workshop with Vanessa Miles and Alice Adams

Friday 15 June 2018, a day workshop with lunch, from 10 am

Beautiful home made pastry can transform the simplest ingredients into a feast, fill the picnic basket, and take care of entertaining a crowd. Too often store bought pastry is billed as the the simple solution, when making the real thing takes less than a walk to the shops. 

This all day workshop with Vanessa ‘the hungry chook’ Miles and Alice Adams will focus on three types of pastry: all butter puff, olive oil pastry lovely for mediterranean tarts, and a beautiful almond shortcrust for fruit crostate. We will discuss flour types, choosing the right ‘fat’, and how to best use your food processor or stand mixer.

We’ll use the best of the spring summer season to fill what we bake, and enjoy it all with a convivial lunch including fresh spring salads and local wines. For more information you can write to: alicekiandra.adams@gmail.com or vanessa@thehungrychook.com

Class size is limited to 6 people, and participants will go home with recipes and cooking notes, as well as samples of what we bake. Click here to book a place.

Images (above left to right): Jessica Abraham, Mark Chew, Silvia Pozzati and Alice Adams

Ravioli del Mondo | Dumplings of the World

A series of evening classes, from March to June, see dates below

Every culture has a way of wrapping up simple ingredients into small parcels, which once cooked by various methods; steaming, boiling, baking and frying, create meals that so often come to symbolise the way that country or region eats. Beyond the ravioli of various Italian regions there are the (countless) dumplings of China and other parts of Asia, the Samosas of India, Polish Pierogi, and Russian Pelmeni.

This series of evening classes will be simple, short and lots of fun. Each class will end around the long table with glass of wine and the fruits of our labours. Class size is limited to 8 people. Click the links below to book.

Vietnamese Rice Paper & Spring Rolls with Amanda Wotring, Friday 2 March 2018

Indian and Mauritian with Vima Narrainen from Vimas food, date to be announced

Lebanese Sambousek and Fatayer with Maya Nawar, date to be announced

Polish Pierogi with Danka Ajzenman Cinque, date to be announced 

Chinese Pot Sticker Dumplings with Vanessa Miles, Thursday 14 June 2018



March / April 2017

Join two Australian cooks with a love for Asian flavours – Vanessa ‘the hungry chook’ Miles and Alice Adams – for an evening class with a focus on the wonderful world of Chinese and Vietnamese appetisers.  We will hand make from scratch the famous potsticker dumplings, roast duck pancakes, and salt and pepper squid. The lesson culminates in a shared meal of what we have prepared with wine and sweets.

March 30 and April 6 > Cost: 65 euro/person > Bookings here. 

A night in south-east Asia: workshop and dinner with Alice Adams and Vanessa 'The Hungry Chook' Miles

Tales and secrets FROM the Thai & Vietnamese traditions, so loved by these two Australian cooks

Growing up in Australia, with its close relationship to south-east Asia (both geographically and politically), we often take for granted our easy access to the food of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond. In every capital city there are pockets of Asian culture; Cabramatta's "Little Vietnam", Melbourne's Chinatown, and Brisbane suburb Sunnybank, where one can enjoy a bowl of very authentic pho, laksa or Hainanese chicken rice. Just up the road from where I live is a hole in the wall selling banh mi so good that there is literally a queue for them morning, noon and night. There are grocers selling everything from perilla and betel leaves, to dried shrimp, green mangoes and banana blossoms. There are countless "fine dining" Asian restaurants serving wonderful adaptations of traditional dishes modified and modernised to suit the western shopping basket and palette - I have even worked in one or two. And if all that fails, we have the luxury of being able to hop on a relatively short flight and wake up in Hoi An (Central Vietnam), just in time for a trip to the markets and an all-day cooking class by the river.

It isn't as easy in Rome. So I was delighted when Alice Adams, invited me to co-host a special workshop, at her latteria studio in the heart of Trastavere. I can't wait to share some of my favourite dishes with one of my favourite cities. We'll be holding this hands-on workshop on Wednesday, June 1st (2016) from 7pm. If you live in Rome, there is more information on the latteria studio website - I'd love to share a glass of wine and some of these wonderful flavours with you!