Hand-cut Egg Pasta with Forest Mushrooms

Have you always wanted to go foraging for mushrooms, but been a little wary? Or perhaps you don't like the thought of rising at 5am on a Saturday? Do you like the idea of making your own fresh pasta at home, but find it daunting?

I have heard all these concerns, and am seeking expressions of interest to attend an Autumn pasta making class, with a very special, absolutely seasonal accompanying sauce. Class size will be a maximum of five, with an opportunity for two (early-rising) students to come along and learn how to identify edible mushrooms. For those who prefer to sleep in; the pine mushrooms (saffron milk caps) will be foraged early on the morning of the class and ready for turning into a wonderful sauce, full of fresh herbs from our garden back in Stanmore. We will learn about the correct flours for making fresh pasta at home and finish with lunch, a glass of wine or sparkling mineral water, and an appropriate dolce.

This is a hands-on class and each student will be able to take a package of their own hand-cut pasta home with them.

Because mushrooms will only come up in certain weather conditions; the exact date of the class cannot be determined until closer to the date, but it will likely be in late-March/early-April. If you are interested, please email me so I can keep in touch with more details as they become available.

November 14
Gnocchi di Patate