Gnocchi di Patate

"Some of my most treasured memories are of hours spent in kitchens full of laughter, covered in flour, as friends helped me to understand how to tell when my gnocchi dough was just so..."

I would love to help you learn to make these famous little potato dumplings in a hands-on class from our home in Stanmore, NSW.

We'll assume you want your gnocchi to be feather-light. Whispers of potato. Dumplings that literally melt in your mouth. Not rubbery, heavy, solid things - the kind of gnocchi that has been known to make life-long enemies with at least one of my friends. We will talk about selecting the potatoes, and why the gnocchi of your past may have been heavy and tough. Classes will begin at 10:30am and finish with a long lunch accompanied by a glass of matched wine, or sparkling mineral water. Intimate groups of between 4-5 students will ensure plenty of time for questions. You will be provided with an apron to wear during class, and take home the recipes and a wooden gnocchi board (because I am sure that you will want to make gnocchi again and again). Wherever possible, we will use ingredients from the garden, and our own free-range, organic eggs. For dessert, we will make a delicious, traditional tiramisu.

Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours
Cost per person: $89.


To enquire about upcoming class dates, private class queries, for any questions, and to book please email: